5 Most Common Sports Injuries Of The Leg

Every athlete knows that an injury can happen at any time. Despite the health benefits of staying active, intense physical sports put your body at risk. Whether you play tackle football or race bicycles, you never know when an injury will occur. Injuries can put you out of commission for a long time, which is why it is important to play safe and be prepared. An orthopedic doctor can offer information and treatment options for existing injuries to help prevent further damage.

Tendonitis Of The Achilles

The Achilles tendon is particularly vulnerable to injury. It is the most important tendon for all leg activity, but overuse can lead to tendonitis. Tendonitis causes inflammation, making it nearly impossible to run or jump. Treating tendonitis requires the aid of a reliable orthopedic specialist. Anti-inflammatory creams and medications can help to relieve the pain, but it takes physical therapy to fully overcome Achilles tendonitis.

Runner’s Knee

Bending of the knee is a great way to strengthen leg muscle and joints, but like anything, overuse can lead to injury. Runner’s knee occurs when the knee joint is bent too frequently, and the strain causes severe pain in the muscles surrounding the knee cap. Chronic runner’s knee can lead to bone displacement, causing the knee cap to move in ways it should not. Once the knee cap is allowed to become displaced, it greatly increases the risk of a recurring injury.


Many sports put strain on the legs, but the heels take all that pressure first. This can lead to inflammation of the heel. Just walking with fasciitis can be extremely painful, so it is crucial to keep your heels safe with supportive shoes. Proper heel stretching can help to relieve pain, as well as anti-inflammatory medications.


High intensity sports can require a dangerous amount of joint rotation. Ankle sprains occur more than any other leg injury, because all of the strain of motion is centered on the ankles and knees. Stretching is important, but an ankle can easily be stretched too far, causing the ligaments to tear. A simple sprain should heal over time, but without rest and recovery, you might be at risk of developing a long term problem.


Splints happen when the legs are over worked. Fast paced sports, such as basketball, can lead to splints. Runners can also experience shin splints regularly. The best way to prevent splints is with quality running shoes that provide good support. Stretching and icing the leg muscles can also prevent splints and reduce the pain of existing problems.


Leg injuries are a common part of any intense sport. Untreated or poorly treated injuries can lead to life long problems. Call us today if you have any injuries and would like to know what your treatment options are.

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