Family Sports Clinic – Old

Most of our patients get better with gentle therapy and massage. Surgery is not always the solution. We try the gentle approach first, then see if more is needed.

For over 16 years Advanced Orthopaedic Institute has helped patients with knee and shoulder injuries feel better and get back to their active lifestyles. In the past few years, we’ve responded to our patient’s need to be seen for other injuries, so a Family Sports Clinic was established.

Our primary goal in this clinic is to offer treatment and referral for a variety of injuries. Our Family Sports Clinic doctor, Dr. Joel Solis, sees patients with a wide spectrum of Orthopaedic injuries because he really enjoys it. His special interest and experience in Sports Medicine has flourished here at AOI.

You will always see a Medical Doctor here rather than a Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant like many other orthopaedic offices. Once here, you receive the full benefits of AOI and all that is offered in our facility including MRI, strengthening and conditioning, flexibility, and massage treatments. We are an insurance-friendly clinic too. We are quite experienced in dealing with your insurance company to assure you receive the benefits that you have paid for.

It gives our patients comfort to know that when they or their family sustain an Orthopaedic injury, they can count on us to provide the most accurate diagnosis possible and the convenience of receiving non-surgical treatment and diagnosis all in one location. While no one is happy to be injured, our patients and their friends can look forward to experiencing our friendly staff, exceptional facility, and most importantly, the care they deserve.

Meet Dr. Joel Solis

Dr. Solis is a Board Certified Family Practice Physician with an interest in Sports Medicine. He’s participated in taking care of AOI patients with us for more than nine years. Dr. Solis is a part of our Family Sports Clinic here at AOI. He’s a very warm and caring doctor that will give you the attention your injury needs.