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After running twenty marathons, there is no stopping Robert from completing his all time goal of running all seven of our continents before turning 50 years old. In Texas alone, Robert has completed marathons in South Padre Island, McAllen, Austin, Houston, and Dallas. He has also run marathons in Las Vegas, NV and Cape Cod, MA.

Outside of United States, he has completed marathons in Sicily, Italy, Beijing, China and his most recent accomplishment, the Antarctica marathon. However, the Antarctica marathon was like no other. Imagine running 26.2 miles in below zero degree weather. Having to run against the blistering cold wind while snow falling definitely set this marathon apart from all others. Although, Antarctica's weather conditions made Robert's run more challenging, he got to see one of our most beautiful and mysterious, hardly touched continents. In Robert's words, "What better way to see the world than to run in it!"

Robert has been an AOI staff member for 11 years, and takes care of patients with Massage Therapy, Xrays, and MRI's.

dedicated team

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our staff. We look forward to meeting you in person!


Bill Snyder, M.D.

Dr. Bill Snyder began his private orthopedic practice in McAllen in 1994 and quickly determined that he wanted to specialize in the treatment of sports injuries, particularly of the Shoulder and Knee. His interest in this area means that you as a patient have the advantage of an orthopedic surgeon that knows how to gently and properly treat these conditions. His vision at this facility is to have a place where you, as the patient, are taken care of from beginning to end with the most advanced equipment and highly trained staff available. This is unique in the Rio Grande Valley. To learn more about Dr. Snyder, click here.

Joel Solis, M.D.

Dr. Solis has a decade of family practice and emergency room experience in the Valley with an ongoing special interest in Orthopaedic injuries. He’s been with the AOI family for nearly 10 years providing on-site orthopaedic injury care and diagnosis. He is a Board Certified in Family Practice.

In addition to his emergency room experience, he was the Team Physician for the Rio Grande Valley Killer Bee hockey team from 2005 through 2009. He is currently one of the Team Physicians for the championship-winning NBA D-League Vipers.

His interest in family sports medicine has provided AOI the opportunity to develop a weekly Sports Clinic to focus on our patient’s varied orthopaedic needs. His knowledge continues to expand as he works and learns directly from Dr. Snyder and attends frequent Sports Medicine conferences to stay up to date with the latest injury treatments.

He is well known as a warm and caring doctor that will give you the attention your injury needs. He continues to be a great asset to the Team AOI experience.

Cissy Reyna, RN, BSN

Our Director of Clinical and Surgical Services, Cissy, has been a part of the AOI team since 1997. She received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing in 1995. She is in charge of all day-to-day activities of AOI, including managing the staff and organizing the patient’s and doctor’s schedules. She was a key employee in helping set up our on-site Ambulatory Surgery Center over 10 years ago dealing directly with the State of Texas for compliance. When surgery is performed, she puts her Registered Nurse duties to work in the Operating Room and Recovery area, providing one on one care for the patient and their family. She will review operative pictures and surgical video, answering all your questions regarding what to expect for your post-operative recovery. Her knowledge and experience with AOI’s specialty of shoulder and knee arthroscopy sets her apart from the standardized hospital routine nurse.

Cissy’s strengths are her organizational and people skills. She’s very outgoing and a joy to be around. She is married and has two sons. They enjoy doing many family activities together including traveling and spending time outdoors being active. South Padre Island is there home away from home.

Jerry Sedas, RN

Jerry has been a member of the AOI team since 1997. He’s part of our surgery team, attending virtually every one of Dr. Snyder’s cases since the opening of our facility in 1998. Jerry works in the clinic taking care of new patients, briefing them on their diagnosis, treatment plan, and answering their questions. His easy-going personality is a fit for making great connections with our patients. He’s available to the patients by phone most any time. Jerry’s experience goes back to his ER days as a nurse and many years as a paramedic before that.

Jerry is married and has two children. He enjoys the outdoor life and typically spends his weekends on his boat at the island fishing with his buddies and son. His longer adventures take him and his family hiking and enjoying the ambiance of New Mexico and Colorado.

Cindy Quiroz

Cindy started with AOI as a Massage Therapist 14 years ago. Later she showed interest in the insurance side of the practice and has acquired valuable knowledge and experience of insurance plans. She works hard to minimize the patient’s out-of-pocket expense and is always available to discuss options. She also coordinates therapy appointments and focuses on scheduling so that patient’s get treatments at convenient times for them.

Cindy is married and has two adorable girls that we have enjoyed watching grow up. She’s very close with her family and spends a lot of her time in their company. Cindy enjoys doing CrossFit and fitness classes, but she knows how to relax and have a good time too.

Carla Saenz, BA, MA

Carla oversees and directs the MRI and ASC portion of our practice. She has daily contact with insurance companies working to get patient’s claims paid. She’s a great writer, which is valuable when working to convince insurance companies to pay proper benefits. We’ve enjoyed watching Carla grow into this position professionally. She began with us in 2001 as a part time college student helping out with extra work at our office. Since then she has received her Master’s Degree. Her natural ability to learn and her sharp mind is valued at our practice.

Carla is a native of Mission, Texas. She loves traveling to other warm weather areas and spending time at the beach. She enjoys keeping active by practicing yoga, running, and CrossFit. Carla is very close to family and looks forward to spending time out with her friends.

Stacy Gamez

Stacy has been with our company since 1996. Extremely dedicated to her job, Stacy is up front and ready to answer any of your questions. She’s attentive to detail, desires to help, and is fully committed to our patients. Often, she will be the person on the other end of the phone and you can be assured that she will help you with your needs.

Stacy was born and raised in the Valley and has 2 beautiful young girls. Her loyalty to her children has been spread over to our AOI family and we are grateful for that.

Robert Sandoval

Robert has worked at AOI as a Massage Therapist since 1997. Through massage, Robert works away tightness and soreness around your injury. In addition, Robert performs MRIs and X-Rays. Our patients throughout the years are always happy to see him when they return. A frequent comment from them is that they’re comfortable knowing they can come back and continue their therapy with him.

Robert leads an extremely active lifestyle. He’s a runner – having completed twenty marathons all over the United States, Asia, Europe, and Antarctica. He is married with two daughters and a son.

Danielle Heath

Danielle is the newest addition to the AOI family. She has attended and cheered for the University of Texas-Pan American and made it onto the San Antonio Spur’s cheer team. Danielle enjoys being involved in the community. She’s been a part of many Make-a-Wish projects and helped establish “Monica’s Angels”, an organization to financially help families with children who have cancer here in the Valley. She is currently learning the ropes here at Advanced Orthopaedic Institute and fulfills many important patient needs.

Patty Snyder, BBA

Patty Snyder is the Administrator for AOI and the Ambulatory Surgery Center located within our facility. She is the wife of Dr. Snyder and has worked with him in this capacity since he started his private practice in 1994 here in McAllen. Patty has a Bachelor’s of Business Administration degree and prior to working at AOI, she worked as a Civilian for the Department of the Army as a Human Resource Professional for 10 years. She handles most of the business end of the practice.

Patty and Dr. Snyder practically raised their three kids, Laurie, Katie, and David, in the offices of AOI over the years – often spending days and weekends here. The family has always been a part of the place from the beginning when the building was built! The staff at AOI all know the kids very well, having worked around them as they have grown up.

You will see Patty’s touch around the office including all of the furniture and finish selections that were made with the patient’s comfort in mind. We like our patients to feel very at home here. Even the bathrooms were remodeled recently to a level that you’d find in a nice home. She has added professional artwork as well as a few photos of the Snyder kids around the office to give AOI a very personal touch.

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