Patient Comments

"I'm 50 years old. My experience with Dr. Snyder and AOI has been a great one! My opinion - He's one, if not, THE best knee doctor around. I went in with knee pain that wasn't getting any better. After meeting with Dr. Snyder, he explained to me his "plan of action'. I did need surgery and am now on my way to a full recovery! I can say that I haven't felt this good in quite a few years. In fact, my knee feels like it's 25 again!

With trained professionals helping you, recovery time is sooner than you think. These people, along with their experience, really want to help you get better. The facility is equipped with surgery rooms, deep tissue massage, and an exercise room. You can even get an MRI done in a few minutes. It's got everything you need under one roof. So, why go anywhere else?

I strongly urge anyone with knee pain to see Dr. Snyder and his staff. You'll be glad you did. I know I was!"

Mrs. G.

We are proud of the countless positive comments we regularly receive about our facility, our staff, and our level of service. We thank each and every patient for entrusting us with helping you feel better!

“My wife and I would like to congratulate you, and your staff, and recognize each one of you for the excellent work that you are doing at this facility. Each one of you is making an impact in a positive way that will last a lifetime. You and your staff are such wonderful people.”

“Everything is in one place, the MRI, therapy, and O.R. The environment makes you forget you’re at a doctor’s office. The staff is also very friendly, and makes you feel comfortable.”

“Friendly great people! Everyone seems to care about me!”

“Comfortable environment. I liked the way everything was addressed and explained.”

“Everyone was very caring and took pride in what they did. I was treated like a person.”

“I congratulate the doctor and all the staff for the professional and outstanding job they did.”

“I liked that the surgery was done on site; I liked everything. Great job with patient care.”

“Every employee I’ve interacted with has been great. Definitely the greatest staff I’ve ever seen assembled in any organization. The random gifts are nice too, like the chocolates, ice chest, etc.”

“Your facility is very professional, but at the same time the love of a home environment is present. Great team working together!”

“I can’t single out one person because all of the staff were excellent, friendly, and warm.”

“ Everyone (even Dr. Snyder’s children) treat you like your special.”

“Everyone is very easygoing.”

“The staff and facility itself was what I liked most. They are all great!”

“Very friendly and courteous staff, and a very comfortable environment.”

“A relaxing and friendly environment.”

“Thank you for making me feel like a person and not just another number.”

“Surgical team is very well prepared. Very clean and very well equipped.”

“The availability of all services is all in one location!”

“All of the staff are very friendly and helpful.”

“I felt like I was the only patient because I got so much attention”

“Thank you to Dr. Snyder for being a great surgeon and for taking such good care of me. So far this has been one of my easiest surgeries.”

“Everything is so easy. From start to finish. From therapy to billing. All the physical therapists and staff wok like a well oiled machine. The environment was pleasant, clean and professional, and the facility was excellent.”

“I love the convinience of having surgery, therapy and rehab in the same location.”

“Dr. Snyder and Dr. Solis always take care of me in the utmost professional manner. I wouldn’t have considered any other surgeon”

“The surgical financing provided to us was helpful. It eliminated stress associated with the procedure.”

“Dr. Snyder, Thank you for your professionalism! Not only do you surgically know what you are doing, you also have a great personality (which is very rare in doctors)! I sincerely appreciate all that you have done for me and my family!”

“Every aspect was wonderful! I loved the staff’s attention to all matters. Everyone was courteous.”

“Every employee that I interacted with was great. Everyone was very professional while still maintaining a home environment. I felt comfortable throughout the whole process and very confident of everyone’s ability to take care of me during my procedure. Thank you everyone.”

“Excellent facility with excellent staff. Everyone is friendly and patient oriented. Will certainly recommend AOI in my community. Thank you for a wonderful experience.”

“AOI is comfortable, friendly and easy going yet more professional than a hospital.”

“The staff is always very friendly and willing to accommodate me in setting up appointments.”

“The whole entire staff should be recognized because everybody works as a team. I’m very pleased with the service.”