Process Overview

For your convenience, we allow you to download and complete your intake forms prior to your visit!

Starting Point: From the moment you arrive, you are in good hands. We will take care of all the details regarding your medical history, guiding you through the complicated insurance process.

Accurate diagnosis: We take the time to listen to your concerns and accurately diagnose your injury, keeping you informed every step of the way. We discuss all the treatment options available to you.

Advanced technology: Our state-of-the-art imaging equipment records the clearest, most detailed view of your injury. We have X-ray, Fluoroscopy and MRI, all in one facility – and all available the same day of your first office visit.

MRI Open Extremity System by GE Medical: Our on-site MRI provides safe, comfortable, and non-invasive imaging for immediate evaluation. The open extremity design minimizes anxiety associated with older MRI machines.

Fluoroscopy: Like a video X-ray, Fluoroscopy allows evaluation of joints in motion.

Expert Evaluation: Experienced professionals review all the details, the diagnosis of the X-rays, and the latest corrective procedures available – explaining your options and their recommendations for exactly which treatments will work best for you.

Massage and Physical Therapy: Medicine, technology, and surgery are even more effective when combined with correct therapy. We isolate and treat your injury with hands-on care that increases the benefits of medical procedures and speeds your recovery.

Innovative Arthroscopic Surgery: This is where the right diagnosis, careful preparations, latest equipment, and years of experience combine to revolutionize arthroscopic surgery. Dr. Bill Snyder has performed thousands of these procedures, using innovative approaches resulting in:

  • Less time spent in surgery
  • Less scarring
  • Less recovery time

Rapid Recovery: No crutches, no overnight stays. Patients come out of surgery already noticing the benefits of our arthroscopic skill, amazed to walk out of AOI just a few hours after their procedure.

Rehabilitation Facility: To help you reach complete recovery, a Rehab Specialist guides you through a personal program of fitness in the fully equipped on-site rehabilitation center.