Results Matter

Like to stay fit? So does our staff! They have been doing a Boot Camp here at our clinic during lunch hour for some years now. The Human Ladder is a demonstration of the strength they've gained as well as how they like to work together as a team, encouraging each other to get stronger and more fit.

Patient Forms

Our patients usually give us the ultimate compliment of referring their family and friends. This tells us that they are happy with their care and results of their surgery or treatment. Results are hard to quantify, but at AOI, we can say we are fortunate to have had no patient litigation, no hospital transfers, no serious complications, and an infection free environment for our surgical patients.

We don’t bring infected cases into our operating rooms because this means the germs can stick around for the next patient and that’s what happens in hospitals, not our facility! You won’t see our patients walking around with crutches because they have gentle treatment that allows them to quickly heal and be mobile.

So, ask your neighbors and friends about us and we expect you’ll hear someone’s story of a successful solution to their orthopaedic problem.