3 Exercises for Strong Shoulders

A major way to prevent shoulder injury is by keeping the muscles surrounding the shoulder joints strong. Overuse, age, and sports are the three main causes of injury to the shoulder. With the amount of work it does and flexibility it has, the shoulder is one of the most susceptible body parts to injury. While […]

5 Most Common Sports Injuries of the Leg

Every athlete and active person understands that an injury can happen at any moment. Regardless of the health benefits of an active lifestyle, intense physical activities put your body at risk to serious injuries. Whether you’re a football player or a competitive triathlete, anyone who participates in high-intensity activities is susceptible to injury all the […]

How to Avoid Weight Gain After Knee Surgery

Knee surgery is a vital step toward restoring the ability to enjoy life again. After surgery is completed, though, patients face a new challenge: weight gain. A study published in the University of Delaware journal, “Osteoarthritis & Cartilage,” states that 66 percent of patients gain about 15 pounds within two years of surgery. This added […]