Orthopedic MRI

orthopedic mri

An MRI, or magnetic resonance imaging, is an important tool for getting an accurate diagnosis. It shows the soft tissue inside and around an injured joint, which can more accurately determine the extent of an injury.


What to expect

A radiologist examines the films and typically provides the results to Dr. Bill Snyder within a day. Dr. Snyder reviews them with patients, allowing ample time for discussion and questions about the diagnosis.

What’s the difference between an MRI and X-RAY?

MRIs are non-invasive, and a technician places the injured knee or shoulder under a magnetic field for viewing, while the patient comfortable reclines. If you have a metal implant, such as a pacemaker, metallic chip, or surgical clip, or are pregnant, MRIs are discouraged.

X-rays are another type of viewing technology we utilize for diagnoses, but for bone injuries rather than soft tissue. We take great care to diagnose and treat all injuries in-office, safely and accurately, using MRI and X-ray technology.

AOI Advantages

We take care of you on-site, state certified Surgery Center. You don’t have to go to a hospital.

You will receive same-day service — walk in, walk out – no crutches, no overnight stays.

There is a comfortable waiting area for family & friends, complete with refreshments, snacks and DVD/ Satellite Entertainment Theatre.

We use minimally invasive surgical procedures that dramatically reduce your recovery time.

The same friendly, reliable staff is with you from consultation through rehabilitation.

There will be minimal scarring, with tiny entry points similar to the diameter of a pea.

You will benefit from thorough follow-up and physical rehabilitation services.