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Advanced Orthopaedic Institute in McAllen, TX has been eliminating shoulder and knee pain since 1994. Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Bill Snyder, often referred to as Doctor Knee and Doctor Shoulder, will help you heal from any knee injuries, shoulder injuries, or joint pain you may have. Using state of the art arthroscopic surgery procedures allows a majority of our patients to walk out the same day with minimal visible scaring and no hospital stay.

At Advanced Orthopaedic Institute you will be in the hands of our thoroughly trained staff who is committed to your total care. Call us now for more information or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Knee, Bill Snyder: (956) 686-2663.

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Knee MRI

Part of getting an accurate diagnosis is to use available technology! Our Open MRI shows the soft tissue inside and around your injured joint and we can use this to give you a more accurate diagnosis. Your films are read by a radiologist and results are usually available within a day, sometimes sooner! Dr. Snyder reviews the MRI and we keep you informed every step of the way. You’ll get to see your films and have them discussed with you so you can see any problems for yourself.

Open MRI