Orthopedic Consultation

“Everything is in one place, the MRI, therapy, and O.R. The environment makes you forget you’re at a doctor’s office. The staff is also very friendly, and makes you feel comfortable.”

Ever feel you just need a professional opinion? It’s important to fully understand your condition and what options are available to you.

We often consult with a patient who just needs to hear another opinion to better understand their injury. They may be told by another doctor that they need surgery right away and they’re concerned or uncomfortable with that. In some cases, you may just need more time for therapy and exercises to get better. Let us help you through your questions and we’ll give you our experienced opinion.

If you’ve been to see a family physician and have been given a prescription to get an MRI of your knee or shoulder, we can do that here for you. Probably at less out-of-pocket cost to you as well. Just because they direct you somewhere doesn’t mean you have to go there. You have choices. The same goes for seeing an Orthopaedic Surgeon. We are happy to help you to decide what’s right for you.

Some Orthopaedic Surgeon’s employ Physician’s Assistants who see patients for the surgeon. At AOI, you’ll see a doctor. We don’t believe in having a PA handle our patient’s orthopaedic care. The level of training and experience required to provide this specialty care is well beyond what we feel is appropriate for a Physician’s Assistant.