What determines the need for a total knee replacement?

A total knee replacement can help a patient feel well again and allow them to live a full life. While this is the case, it is not always necessary, and one must understand the risks and rewards. With that being said, here are four ways to decide if a person needs a total knee replacement.

Persistent: Many patients experience pain for a long time before they try to have surgery. Sadly, many suffer needlessly when they ignore the pain thinking it is part of the aging process. In fact, many ignore the pain until it is too much and they cannot sleep or live their life without wincing in pain. For this reason, when a person suffers from pain months on end, they should head to an orthopedic surgeon who can determine the problem and find a solution. Remember, a lot of pain is not natural, and one must explore their options to the fullest.

Difficulty walking or climbing stairs: Many patients notice a gradual slowdown in their capabilities over time. While this is, to an extent, natural, one should still not have problems climbing stairs or walking. If this happens, an individual must look at getting his or her knee replaced as it will help a person walk up the stairs or down the street with ease.

Motion: When a person sees a decrease in motion, they have a severe problem. To fix this, surgery is an excellent option as one can restore their knee to the previous condition and feel good again. This is often overlooked as most people do not notice a slight difference in motion over the years. However, when this happens quickly, a patient must head to a local doctor and find a solution soon.

Medication will not work: With knee pain, people often try different solutions to fix their problem. This is natural as most people do not want to go under the knife or have a drastic lifestyle change to feel better. However, when medication will not help a patient, it is time to explore more drastic options. Luckily, with a knee replacement surgery, a patient can feel amazing without needing painkillers to get rid of the constant pain.

When dealing with a lot of pain in the knees, some people foolishly ignore the symptoms. This is a mistake, and a patient should consider getting a total knee replacement as it will make a big difference.

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