Insurance Review

When it comes to dealing with insurance, we do the heavy lifting for you! Our staff is trained to quiz your insurance company for all the details regarding your coverage so you can be assured that your care will be covered. Unfortunately, there are no guarantees with insurance so we often have to get tough with them to properly handle your claims.

Most of our orthopedic patients have health insurance, but often don’t know their policy details especially for therapy or surgery. We have vast experience that we put to use on your behalf. Taking the mystery of out filing insurance claims and getting paid for a variety of services is our specialty.

Even before your first visit, we will contact your insurance company to determine your benefits. As you progress through receiving care at AOI, whether it be therapy or an MRI or possibly surgery, we will keep you informed along the way. If ever you need an explanation, please ask one of our administrative team members.

Our goal is always to get the most from your policy coverage while minimizing your out of pocket costs. We usually are quite successful. Often times it requires letters and multiple calls to the claims department, but we are accustomed to doing that on your behalf.

If you’re like us, we don’t appreciate surprises when it comes to paying for health care. So, we take time to work out estimates and try to accommodate you if payment options are needed.