Our Philosophy at Advanced Orthopaedic Institute

Our patients enjoy hearing from us around the holidays. We have an addiction to chocolate and we have a feeling you do, too. If your name is on our list, See's Candies surely knows about it.

While hospitals treat illness and injury, here at AOI, we’ve chosen to specialize in treating orthopaedic injuries. Why? Because we understand that sharp or persistent shoulder and knee pain can adversely affect your quality of life. Everyday activities like walking down stairs or picking up a child should not cause pain, and that’s where we can help.

At AOI, we will diagnose the source of your pain and get rid of it – fast – and we’ll do it in an environment that is clean, comfortable, and professional.

Our patients come to us from all over the US to be treated by AOI Founder Dr. Bill Snyder. Since arriving in McAllen in 1994, this highly skilled orthopeadic surgeon has successfully treated thousands of injuries with the most advanced and effective orthopaedic care available.

Whether you are an all-star athlete, a weekend warrior, a busy mom or just a kid having fun, Advanced Orthopaedic Institute is the most direct route to a speedy recovery.

Walk through the doors of AOI, and you enter an environment of health and healing unlike medical facilities you’ve ever seen.

Everyone here – from our helpful administrative specialists, to our expert medical team, to our Founder, Dr. Bill Snyder – is thoroughly trained and personally dedicated to provide you with knowledge, resources, respect and services you need for successful treatment and rapid recovery.

Focused care
Our specialty allows for a precise diagnosis and treatment. AOI is completely committed to your total care – every step of the way. Under one roof, you’ll have quick access to a unique collection of highly specialized orthopaedic medical professionals, services, and equipment.

Personal attention
We treat every patient as an individual with unique needs. Just as the best doctor/patient relationships involve continuing care and communications throughout the entire course of treatment, the most successful orthopaedic solution should be seen as a process that benefits the patient over time.

Quick appointments
We understand that pain deserves immediate attention.

Patient education
We show you – through pictures, video, or the printed word – exactly what’s going on, and we’ll answer any questions. We appreciate your desire to be fully informed about your current condition and recovery options. In fact, we believe that when you know more about how your body is designed to function when it’s healthy, you can understand more about the nature of your injury; make an informed decision about the best recommended treatment; and, achieve your goal of successful recovery even faster.

First class facility and service
Our patients deserve the best. All AOI Patients benefit from the convenience of a safe, clean, comfortable and comprehensive clinic that offers a full range of diagnostic, treatment, and recovery resources.

A knowledgeable and experienced staff
Most have been with AOI for well over five years. Years of experience and results have taught us that when we take the time to follow the process of diagnosis to remedy, from follow-up therapy to recovery – it takes far less time for you to recover quickly and completely.

Call for a consultation today: 956.686.BONE (2663) or Toll-free 877.419.2663

AOI offers everything under one roof: The most advanced technology. Comprehensive diagnosis and treatment. And an expert team of professionals to help you every step of the way.